The who, the what, and the why..

My name is Bob.., I’m a 23 year old man living in the glorious state of Washington. I’m not prone to talking about myself very much.. so, I’ll leave it at that. Now on to the meat and potato’s.

It is currently 5am, on Wednesday morning, my second day off of my weekend. I decided that I need a place to speak my mind. So I landed here, to form my own blog. I couldn’t tell you what this blog will be about, I have no purpose in being here other than sharing my words with whoever cares to gander upon them.

What I can tell you is, I tend to ramble. Sometimes my rambling will have a point, sometimes not. So.. if you read this, expect many random things to happen. Especially depending on whatever mood I’m in at the time of writing..



One Response to “The who, the what, and the why..”

  1. Hello,

    I have just finished reading through your entire blog and to be quite frank…I’m a fan. There, I said it: I’m a fan. And I can’t wait for what’s to come.

    Much Love,

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