Build me an ark!!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Haven’t really felt inspired enough to write. Life’s going well and such. I have some time right now, waiting on some people in.. that game I play.. and I figured I jot down a few of my recent thoughts.

First off, I’d like to talk about Hurricane Ike. Seriously.. I feel bad for the people who have had their lives destroyed, houses.. and whatnot. I’m gonna go off on a bit of a rant, and I just wanted to post a.. disclaimer of sorts. With what I’m about to say.. I am not attacking all the victims of this storm. Now.. eat my words, muahaha.

How much of a piss filled brain do you have to have to see that every single news channel, weather channel, radio, and even the government is telling you that this is going to be a bad storm and not do anything about it.

There are fucktards right now, stranded on an island, most likely about to die from dehydration or something, floating on the driftwood that used to be their home. They have the audacity to beg the government for help saving them, when it was their fault in the first place. If they would have listened to the warnings, sure, their lives would be destroyed, but they wouldn’t be fighting for their life.

Back home, when we heard the tornado sirens, generally.. we got somewhere safe. Thats with 5 mins of warning. The meteorologists have been talking about Ike for over a week. Thats ample time to board up your windows and doors, fortify your house, grab as much valubles and family heirlooms as you can, gather up the kids, dogs, cats, mice, ferrets, newphew from the cage, and get the fuck outta dodge.

Seriously? Can people possibly be that fucking stupid. If they are.. then they deserve what they got. The whole world just needs some massive disaster to happen, period. I’m talking.. millions, nay, billions of people, wiped off the face of the earth all at the same time.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the particle collider will do just that next month.. but I seriously doubt it.


~ by dorfeater on September 14, 2008.

One Response to “Build me an ark!!”

  1. The Hadron collider won’t do it. Ike tried but these folks hung on and that’s where the Red Cross is to take care of the stupid people who stayed even though they had days to evacuate and plenty of assistance.

    We stayed and toughed it out because the Judge and Mayor said 3 million of us should let the other million go because they thought we weren’t in the path. We were. Now we have no power, running water, drinking water, ice, bread or even peanut butter. Or gasoline.

    I’ve stayed up all night and witnessed my first hurricane. It was scary, but in our area a mile or two from the closest evacuation area, we did OK. No smashed windows, leakage or flooding from the ceiling.

    We’re doing well and are very lucky but most are not, and it’s not the mandatory evac areas but throughout Houston and suburbs. I know the news likes to linger on water and broken structures because of water (a lot of it in our neighborhood) but know that more than Galveston was damaged.

    I actually used to live in a village called Arkwright – is this a calling? Good luck to you and check out your fellow WP blog for hurricane coverage.

    And please stop using double periods during your sentences. Your English teacher would be appalled at that writing technique.

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