Gone insane from the pain

Come eat some chemicals with me…

Scars on Broadway.. the newly formed band from remnants of System of a Down. A good way to start off the end of the summer for music. Theres much to look forward to musically coming the next few months, and this album is a great lead into it. I highly recommend taking a listen.

I’d like to take some time today to talk about patterns.

3.a natural or chance marking, configuration, or design: patterns of frost on the window.

Life is full of them. We develop them as we go. But waking up, taking a piss, and brushing your teeth is not the type of pattern I’m talking about.

Natural occurrences.  The type of patterns that seem to be well out of our control. What do they mean? Do they even exist? Are we bound by some universal pattern that we have no clue about?

Exhibit A..

At 17 Shannon is pregnant
As young as her mom when she had her
Her kid is never gonna have a dad
The same old way that Shannon never had
What comes around well it goes around
Nothing changes cause it’s all the same
The world you get’s the one you give away
It all just happens again
Way down the line
And all the things you learn when you’re a kid
You’ll fuck up just like your parents did
It all just happens again
Way down the line

Is the above some pattern? It seems so. And it seems true too. Certainly we have some sort of control that we retain over this pattern, people break out of what is “expected” of them all the time. Children in India educate, and throughout their life, break out of the third world and become doctor’s. But more often than not, people fall into the pattern that seems to be handed to them.

It could go hand-in-hand with predestination… fate. Are we all dealt our cards when we are born, or perhaps earlier? I say no. As much as I would like to tell myself that all the things that I go through, all the experiences, are just the will of a higher power (fate or god(s).. I think it’s a cop out.

Fate is just an excuse weak people use to justify what is happening to them in there lives. Instead of self-reflecting, and seeing that they themselves have a problem. They just simply state “Oh, well.. it must be fate”

When a couple goes through a break up, the one getting their heart broken, who is longing for that other person continually gets told that “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” Sure its a quick and simple fix. Hearing that lifts the person up… but it’s just an excuse, and a harming one at that.

The choices we make are OUR choices, and when one of OUR choices fail, we should not turn to something to fall back on. We should learn from our mistakes, and when you use the word “fate” you don’t learn anything. You’re finding a release for your pain, but since you are not learning the lesson, you’re just lining yourself up to make the same mistake again.

People seem to be so afraid to break the patterns that emerge throughout our lives. We are afraid to take personal responsibility for our actions and grow from them. It is a scary thing. History proves that mistakes get repeated. But if we never heard or said things like “It’s the will of the gods” maybe the world would be a better place today.

Think about it. If we all took personal responsibility for our actions, would history repeat itself so much?

Bleh. I just got a banging on my door saying dinner was done and that totally threw my train of thought off. I forgot where I was going with that. And now I have to think about something positive to end this with…

If we draw upon the strengths within ourselves, and admit that the mistakes we make are our faults, and not some unseen power, or a universal pattern. Maybe, just maybe our lives would be more harmonious.

So next time you make a mistake, no matter how minimal, or major. Look inwards, learn from it, and strengthen yourself.

*Beefs up*



~ by dorfeater on August 1, 2008.

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