Here I sit with a heart full of feeling..

I am a seeker of the simple life. The mundane amuses me, though monotony I’ll pass on as much as possible. I am greatful that I can live my life as such.  Though I am lonely, I am realizing through my lonliness that I have been missing out on what is truly important to me. Simplicity. Watching a candle burn to nothing but a flickering pile of wax. This I have not been able to do in quite some time.

I find peace within it all. The world is a complicated place, only because we as humans choose to complicate it. Not many people these days can be content with just laying in the grass, or watching a thunderstorm through the window. Because the world has gotten so busy, we ourselves feel the urge to keep busy at all times.

Even at times when I am relaxing, I still get the feeling of “boredom” this I laugh at, because, really.. what is boredom? Laying down and falling within your own mind is entertainment as much as anything else. There are many people out there who are not content with doing nothing. They always have to be doing something.. I don’t understand these people, and more and more it seems that this is the way human life is progressing period.

People tell me all the time that I should get out and enjoy my young, single life, while I still can. Usually, what this means is “Dude, you should be like.. going out to bars and stuff”.. when someone asks me what I do for fun and I say goto parks, I get a funny look. I mean.. enjoy whatever you enjoy people, but don’t look at me all goofy like just because I don’t like the things an average 23 year old likes.

I am content with how simple  my life is, I only hope that sometime throughout my simple life, I will find another person who can sit back and enjoy simplicity as much as I do. Somehow I don’t see that happening before I’m 30, unless I meet someone older. People in their 20’s are all about partying and all that “fun” stuff… thats just not who I am.

I have never fit in with my age bracket though. I take solace in that 🙂

I don’t know if it’s because I have an old soul, or just all that I’ve been through in my life made me grow up faster than everyone else. Whatever it is.. I’m thankful. Though sometimes it makes me feel bad, and feel like I will be alone like this forever, most of the time, it makes me feel good.. it’s a boost to know that you’re ahead of the game.

I try to learn as much as possible throughout my life, about anything I can. If I don’t learn at least one new thing a day… I will not let that day end. Sometimes I feel like people like myself are a dying breed. But thats baloney.. I know there are still people out there who enjoy the simple things.. like knowledge.. just as much as I.

Thats all I got for now.. I promise tomorrow I will bring something strange and weird to this blog 🙂 I feel the weird building in my as I type.


~ by dorfeater on July 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Here I sit with a heart full of feeling..”

  1. I wish all the lonely people out there will have the same perspective as yours. Your blog’s cool, I mean, it doesn’t really focus on being lonely or odd,or what, but on having to enjoy the simple delights of life. I wish my friends who are not happy at all with their life will get this same insight, so that depression will be entirely out of the pic. Fortunately, you are just one happy soul, while they are not. And that’s because you got the key to happiness which is: TO SIMPLIFY 🙂

  2. This is something I am working on myself lately. Trying to see the beauty in everyday life and everyday things. Some of the time I do, most of the time I am trapped inside my crazy head trying to convince myself that things really aren’t that bad.

    When people would say they were bored, I never understood it. How can you be bored? To me there is always something creative I can be doing or something interesting to be reading.

    I used to think that simple ordinary everything things were trivial in the grander scheme of things, but now I have learned it is those things that deocrate our lives. That make out lives brighter, more interesting…I just wish I figured this out a long time ago.

    I really like your blog.

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